Does your straight hair wave up when wet?

Yes, Xclusive straight hair waves up slightly when wet and can return to its natural texture after dry.

Can I flat iron or use curlers on your curly/wavy hair?

Yes, on Xclusive wavy and curly hair you can use heating products to make hair bone straight and when re-wet it automatically goes back to its natural wave or curl pattern. Even on Xclusive straight hair you can use curlers or flat irons to give hair more bounce and body.

Can I color the Virgin hair?

You can color the hair at your own discretion but we strongly recommend you seek professional services unless you are already experienced. All Xclusive hair come Natural Black and Natural Brown but can be dyed or highlighted to any color of your preference.

Try to avoid too much coloring because the hair may become over processed or damaged. We are not responsible for any damage caused on the hair during dying. Xclusive Hair is also offered in Jet Black hair which is slightly higher in cost.

What products do you recommend on Xclusive Virgin hair?

Xclusive recommend using one of these great shampoos and leave- in conditioner that infuses your strands with a healthy dosage of moisturizer. Wen & Jane Carter products are a few to name that is works wonders on Xclusive Virgin Extensions.

Weather changes, sun and chlorine can be damaging to any type of hair that is why it is extremely important to condition your hair regularly whether it is natural, relaxed or extensions.

What is the best brush and comb to use for extensions?

Day to day brushing or combing is recommended. We suggest using a seamless detangling wide-tooth comb to prevent hair breakage after several uses. With curly hair it is easier and best to brush or comb hair when wet. A bristle paddle brush is suggested especially when conditioning your hair.